Best Surebet Software for Arbitrage Betting - Free and Paid Services

There are a lot of arbitrage betting software providers. For most of them you will have to pay a monthly fee, however some offer their service for free. Most of the time the free services are demo versions of the paid service. Nonetheless, especially for the beginning arbitrage user, I would highly recommend to try out the free services first. It is a great way to get familiar with surebetting and you can still generate a good profit when unlocking bonuses.

Free arbitrage betting software

1) RebelBetting – free version

The free version of RebelBetting works almost the same as the paid version with the only limitation that it shows only arbs up to 0.6 percent. If you are interested in trying out the arbitrage betting system, I would highly recommend RebelBetting. The software works outstanding and the limitation does not matter much when your main goal is to unlock bonuses and get a good understanding of how placing surebets works.

Check out their 1 minute arbitrage betting video where they explain their software:

2) Surebet monitor

Surebet monitor is a completely free full functional software package. I tried it out myself and it is able to find some arbitrage opportunities, however the software is clearly less well performing than the major paid services. Surebet monitor is constantly trying to improve their search algorithm and as long as they are in beta mode their service is free to use. You could check try them out, since getting some free arbs never hurts.

3) BMBets

It is possible to select your own bookmakers with the free service of BMBets. Also, they provide back/lay arbitrage opportunities. Does not find as much arbs and recent arbs as the paid services, but is overall a decent free surebet website.

4) Oddsportal

Oddsportal is the largest odds comparison website. They also have a free surebets page, however it is not really great, because the main page that displays the top10 arbs updates not fast enough. There are also problems with the settings, because you cannot uncheck some of the bookmakers. Once you better understand how Oddsportal works you can use it to find your online sports betting arbitrage opportunities manually by just clicking on all the available sport events.  

5) Mysurebets and Betbrain

Mysurebets and Betbrain are free surebet websites. In my opinion they do not find a lot of good arbitrage opportunities, however you could check if these websites work for you.

6) Surebetadvice

Ofcourse, you could also use your own free surebet service. Visit the free surebet page for more information.

The best arbitrage betting software


For me personally, and for a lot of other arbers, RebelBetting is the absolute number one software provider. In my opinion their surebet software is superior to all other software out there. Reasons why their surebet software is the most populair out there:

  • Covering 40+ bookmakers and 8 different sports
  • Supports over 17.000 cross market combinations
  • My favourite feature: the automated surfer and login that helps speed up the process in selecting arbitrage opportunities. 
  • Build-in calculator
  • Optional to get alerts by email or SMS. This means never miss an arb again!
  • Great filters
  • Reasonable price
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