Surebet bankroll management

Surebet bankroll management is an important factor in making arbitrage profits from online sports betting in the long-term.  This article explains how to manage your bankroll when placing surebets. The article will go deeper into the use of e-wallets, how to divide your money between accounts, how much to bet each time and when to transfer funds.


When managing your bankroll I recommend using an e-wallet. An e-wallet is a digital wallet that works almost the same as a bank account. The advantage of an e-wallet is that when you deposit or withdrawal your money from a bookmaker it goes faster and often you can do it without charge. Most bookmakers prefer users that make use of an e-wallet, because the bookmaker the e-wallets charge the bookmaker the lowest transaction costs in comparison with all other providers. Besides faster transactions and lower transactions costs, an e-wallet is useful, because you can more easily see how much money you made exactly with surebetting, because often the e-wallet is only used for withdrawing and depositing money from the bookmakers. When you want to use an e-wallet for your surebet bankroll management I recommend Skrill. Another viable substitute is Neteller.

How to divide money between account

You do not have to divide your money equally over all your bookmaker accounts. I recommend that you have around 50 percent of your bankroll on the four most used bookmakers. Often these are the bookmakers with the lowest overall margins like Pinnacle Sports, Marathonbet, Betfair and SBObet.

Divide the rest of your funds equally over the others, unless you feel like in the case of unlocking a bonus it is smarter to deposit more or less. It is also advised to keep around 10% of your funds in your e-wallet in case you make a mistake somewhere and you need to fix the mistake with other funds. This is for example needed when you place a bet and after that find out that you don’t have enough money on the other bookmaker to complete the surebet.

Bookmaker bonus tips

Dependent on the type of bonus it is sometimes smarter to deposit more or less on an account, when your only goal is to unlock the bonus and then move on to the next bookmaker. When you have a sign-up bonus that you need to reroll a few times before it is unlocked I advise to deposit the minimum amount to get the maximum bonus, at least when you are interested in unlocking the maximum bonus, which is situation dependent. For example if your goal is to unlock the 50 percent sign up bonus at Betsafe up to €25,- I would only deposit €50 on that account and just bet until everything is lost or the bonus is unlocked. When you lose the money on that bookmaker account you will have gained the money on another, by which you have successfully unlocked the bonus without having to roll-over it multiple times.

When you try to unlock a bonus you get by placing bets it is advised to deposit more than the bonus. Watch out for the roll-over requirements. If you have to roll-over deposit + bonus it is advised to first deposit the minimum and after that you deposit more. For example if you want to unlock the €100 bonus at Interwetten, you first deposit €100 so you get the opportunity to unlock the €100 bonus part for part and after that you deposit another €200 to make it more easily to unlock the bonus.

How much to bet

I would advise to never bet more than 2,5 percent of your maximum bankroll and also never more than 25 percent of the starting account balance of one bookmaker at a certain bookmaker at once.

For example when you have a €2000,- total bankroll and €200,- account balance at Bwin, never bet more than €50 at Bwin. The basis for these guidelines is explained on the number of bookmakers page.

When to transfer funds

There are no hard rules for when you should transfer your funds. However if you note that some accounts need funding, because they are in the minus and you want to keep using them, just withdrawal money from the accounts that are in the plus. It cannot get simpler than that. It is advised to always know how much money is in the different accounts so you can make better decision regarding when to transfer funds.

Surebet bankroll management conclusion

Surebet bankroll management is a crucial part of successful placing arbitrage bets in the long term. There are some guidelines you can follow when managing your bankroll, however remember these guidelines are not set in stone. Do what makes you feel comfortable, nevertheless always keep in mind the risk you are taking when doing it. Furthermore, it is advised to make use of an excel sheet to keep track of your funds at the different bookmakers. If you want to use a simple excel sheet you could use this one: Surebet bankroll management.

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