Introduction to sports betting arbitrage

Sports betting arbitrage means betting on a sport event in a certain way that it will always generate a profit for you. This is done by selecting the highest odds at different bookmakers. Note that the odds need to be high enough to make it arbitrage bet. An example:

Now if you place a €100 bet at Unibet that player 1 wins and a €100 bet at Pinnacle Sports that player 2 wins you will always make a profit. You will make €202 and total cost bets are €200, means a guaranteed profit of €2. Of course, in reality the bets won’t be that simple. If you would like to know more about the mathematics behind sports arbitrage betting I encourage you to take a look at our surebet mathematics page.

Pro's of Sports betting arbitrage

·         Guaranteed profit when the right bet is placed

·         Gives you a real edge over the bookies

·         Scientific proven long-term profit making method

Con's of Sports betting arbitrage

·         High bets for a relative small profit

·         Hard to learn

·         If you don`t know what you are doing things can go wrong quick

More information about the risks.

Is it legal?

Arbitrage betting is legal, however most bookies are not really happy with it. They know you have method how you can beat the every time. Therefore, some of them will limit your account when they find out that you are surebetting. There are ways to prevent this. More information can be found here: avoid getting limited.

What do I need to know before I start?

·         How does the math behind arbitrage betting work

·         Which bookmakers should I use

·         How should I manage my bankroll

·         Which software should I use

·         Which risks are involved and how to best avoid them

Before you start you should know arbitrage betting is no wonder method. It can make you a maximum profit of 10-15% each month, excluding bonuses. Do not trust anyone who claims they can get you a higher profit. Furthermore, it is not an easy get rich quick sport betting system. It takes dedication, focus and a relatively big bankroll. I advise to not start with it if you don’t have more than €2000. It is otherwise very likely that this method is not worth your time.


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