Best bookmakers for surebets

The best bookmakers for surebets are not easy to find. There are more than 500 online bookmakers and a lot of selection criteria have to be taken into account. The most important selection criteria is the margin the bookmakers operate on, since lower margins means higher probability on arbitrage opportunities. For an overview of the bookmakers with the lowest overall- and sport specific margins, check the bookmakers with lowest margins page. Furthermore, factors like good customer support, availability, quickness and an easy to use website, are important when selecting the bookmakers. However, since it is not easy to quantify this, the review grades of the three largest bookmaker review websites are used. Also, the number of visitors of the bookmakers has been checked, since high popularity could be a sign of a good or bad bookmaker. Another important criteria, especially for beginners, is the bonus bookmaker give when opening an account with them.

Lowest profit margin

1. Pinnacle Sports

An absolute must have for every bettor that pursues a surebet strategy is to have an account at Pinnacle Sports. This bookmaker operates on a 2,5 percent overall profit margin, one of the lowest in the industry. Also, they never close or limit accounts and actively advertise that they welcome arbitragers. Another big plus is that they have high limits, making it a good website for large bankrolls. Downside is that they do not have a bonus, however they make up for that by providing an enormous amount of arbitrage opportunities. Nonetheless, this bookmaker is highly recommended and is definitely one of the best bookmakers for surebets. 

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2. Marathonbet

The bookmaker with the lowest margin in the industry is Marathonbet. This bookmaker operates on a two percent overall profit margin and has a decent review grade. In my opinion Marathonbet is one of the best bookmakers for surebetting, due to the high amount of arbitrage opportunities they provide. Downside is that they do not have a bonus and that they have relatively low limits. Nonetheless, I would definitely recommend Marathonbet. Especially for beginners with a small bankroll this is one of the best bookmakers for surebets.

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3. Betfair

Betfair is different from all the other bookmakers, because it is not only a bookmaker, but also a betting exchange. Betting exchanges do not operate on margins, they operate on commission. Adding Betfair to your list of selected bookmaker is an excellent choice, because the commission you have to pay over your winning bets is often lower than the margins at the bookmakers. If you do not know what a betting exchange is and how it works please check the betting exchange page.

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Review grades

Not only margins are of interest when sorting out the ranking for best bookmakers for surebets. Factors like good customer support, availability, quickness and an easy to use website are also important for bettors. Nonetheless, it is hard to measure these factors exactly. A viable substitute for this is the overall grade the bookmakers receive on large review websites. The review grades also cover a part of the margins, but are mostly focused on how bookmakers treat their customers. For example, some bookmaker get low grades, because they are very slow with paying out money or they suddenly decide to take back bonus offers without a good explanation. Others get high grades, for example because they have friendly customer support or a good working interface. The three review websites used for the analysis are: 


4. Bet365

As you can see from the table Bet365 has a really high review grade. Bet365 is the most visited bookmaker and has a nice welcome bonus. Furthermore, they have a relatively low profit margin and a wide range of betting opportunities. There are a lot of arbitrage opportunities on this bookmaker and their service is one of the best in the industry. Therefore, I would strongly recommend implementing Bet365 to your list of selected bookmakers, since it is one of the best bookmakers for surebets.

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5. SBObet

A personal favourite of mine is SBObet. They have very low margins on ice-hockey and relatively low margins overall. They make a lot of arbitrage opportunities available due to their very well priced Asian handicaps. Also, a lot of  middles become available when you add this bookmaker to your list. The customer service is great and with a review grade of 8,7 I would highly recommend this bookmaker.

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6. 5Dimes

5Dimes has an average review grade of 8,5 and has very low margins on soccer. Downside of this bookmaker is that it does not each software provider is able to read their odds. Also, the interface is different than usual. Before you deposit money on this bookmaker, I would recommend to check first if you like the interface and if your software provider is able to read the odds. If those two things are not a problem, 5Dimes is a safe pick for surebetting.

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High number of visitors

The top 10 most visited bookmakers are displayed, because size of the bookmakers says something about their trustworthiness and financial stability. Usually larger players are more trustworthy and have better financial stability, because it takes constant good and reliable performance to reach a high level of global ranking in the competitive betting industry ( The top 10 is based on the Alexa global traffic rank of the bookmakers.

7. Unibet

Unibet is known for their good prices on over and under bets. They have a very wide range of betting opportunities and enough arbitrage opportunities arise there for making it a safe pick. The review grade is not very high, however I never had problems with them and I have used them very extensively for years.

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8. Bwin

Bwin has a low review grade, however has a nice bonus. I have personally tested Bwin and the only thing I thought was annoying was that I had to pay a 3% withdrawal fee. They have a nice bonus and there are a lot of arbitrage opportunities available. Therefore, I consider Bwin a safe pick for surebetting. Note that the 100% deposit bonus up to €50 is only available for players from Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

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9. Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is a bookmaker and a betting exchange. The review grades for this bookmaker are high and the margins are low. Also, it is one of the most visited bookmakers. Besides, they have a very generous welcome bonus with a free bet up to €100 for some of their clients, based on their geographic location. Please read the terms and conditions very carefully to make sure you qualify for their bonus.

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Bookmakers with a good bonus

10. Interwetten

Interwetten is one of my favourite bookmakers. They have a 100% free play bonus up to 100 euro that you can unlock by placing bets on odds greater than 1.7. Downside is that they limit your account fast and they charge a 2% deposit fee. Nonetheless, before you get limited you most likely already have unlocked your bonus and you can move to the next bookmaker. May the limit become before you have completely unlocked your bonus, just place a lot of small bets, since there will be more than enough arbitrage opportunities available. In my opinion this bookmaker is one of the best bookmakers for surebets. Therefore, I strongly recommend this bookmaker for beginning players with a small bankroll.

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11. Betsson

Betsson has a nice 100% deposit bonus, which varies in size dependent on your geographic location, up to €55,-. You will have to roll over your bonus amount 10 times. Downside is that you get limited rather fast, however if you bet your money on the more popular leagues, you will most likely will not have a problem before you have unlocked your bonus.

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12. 888sport

888sport is comparable to Interwetten. You can get a bonus up to €88 that you unlock in eight stages by placing bets of a minimum of €10. The review grades and margins are decent. Therefore, for beginning players with a small bankroll I would recommend this bookmaker.

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Other good picks

13. Paddy Power: High review grades, low margins.

14. William Hill: Comparable to Unibet, Bwin and Bet365.

15. Betfred: Comparable to Unibet, Bwin and Bet365.

16. BetCris: Very high limits. Recommend for players with a large bankroll.

17. 10bet: Very good prices on handicaps, generous bonus, however hard to unlock the bonus.

18. Betdaq: Same as Betfair with lower commissions, but also lower volume.

19. Matchbook: Exchange with very low commissions.

20. 188bet: Regarded as one of the best bookmakers for surebets by RebelBetting, the biggest surebet software provider.

21. Stan James: Regarded as one of the best bookmakers for surebets by RebelBetting, the biggest surebet software provider.

22. Betsafe: Nice bonus and margins, however watch out because sometimes they refund your stake without warning, leaving your surebet at one part uncovered. This is known as stake kidnapping. Adviced is to unlock the bonus and leave after.

23. Betonline: Lifelong bonus up to €1000. However, watch out because money you deposit you can`t withdraw for a month. This is a bookmaker you could add when you have decided to surebet for a longer period of time. Potentially one of the best bookmakers for surebets.

24. Sportsbet: Bookmaker with very low overall margins. Test if your software provider is able to read their odds first. Comparable to 5Dimes.

25. Smarkets: An upcoming betting exchange with low commission. Comparable to

Best bookmakers for surebets
My personal top 10

In my opinion the ten best bookmakers for surebets are the following:

1. Pinnacle Sports

2. Betfair

3. Marathonbet

4. SBObet

5. Bet365

6. Interwetten

7. Bwin

8. Ladbrokes

9. William Hill

10. Matchbook

Bookmaker bonus codes

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