Avoid getting limited by bookmakers

Even if you try really hard to avoid getting limited, at some point you will get limited by most of the bookmakers. Most bookmakers do not like winning players or players that make use of an arbitrage system. Therefore, when they see you are a winning player or an arber, they will limit your account. However, there are a lot of things you can do when betting to avoid bookmakers limit your account as long as possible. The methods discussed below will help you achieve this goal.

Avoid getting limited tips

1. Betting stakes

Try to always round of your bet to a whole number and if the size of your bankroll allows it to 0’s or 5’s. This means you are trying to avoid betting weird stakes. Instead of betting €44,21,- bet €44,-, or even better bet €45,-.

2. Singles

Arbitrage players only bet on singles. If you place €5 on a multiple from time to time, you could throw the attention of you. You are likely to make a small loss however, the €5 will be worth it when you can keep playing on that certain bookmaker.

3. Money transfer

Only transfer money when it is absolutely necessary. Bookmakers have to pay for every time you transfer your funds and therefore are not happy with users that constantly deposit and withdrawal money. Doing this anyways is the quickest way in getting a limit on your account. If you transfer your money it is advised to use an e-wallet. They charge the bookmaker the lowest costs compared to the other providers and therefore the bookmaker likes it when you use them instead of the other services.

4. Arb-friendly bookmakers

Try to make use of arb-friendly bookmakers, for example Pinnacle Sports and Betfair Exchange. You will not have to worry about how to avoid getting limited at those bookmakers, because they never limit arbers. In fact they are actually happy with them.

5. Lower leagues

Watch out with betting large stake at the lower leagues. If you place €2.000,- on more than 5,5 goals on a soccer game in the second Russian league you will likely get flagged as an arber. Bookmakers try to balance their book and that is why they do not like big bets on low leagues, because this could lead to a potential loss.

6. Palp errors

Do not bet on obvious errors. If you see an arbitrage opportunity of 30 percent, you can be almost certain that something went wrong at the bookmaker. If you keep betting on these kind of errors, bookmakers will likely flag you as an arber or winning player.

7. More tips

If you are interested in more tips you could check Lucy's 8 ways to stop bookies limiting your account. 

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